Web Developers, have you ever wanted to SELL Domain Names and Hosting? Now you can.

The life of a web developer isn’t an easy one. Most spend countless hours creating incredible websites for their customers, ensuring that a company or brand’s content is positioned optimally for search engines and that colors, graphics and layouts all speak to the client’s customers powerfully, in order to produce the desired results, usually sales.

However, most web developers simply hand off the “keys” for that new website to their clients and other than some income from periodic updates, the business relationship ends. That’s because during the process of creating the website or application, web designers simply refer their customers to the designer’s favorite domain and web hosting provider, whether it’s Godaddy, 1and1, Hostgator, Bluehost or the many other qualified companies on the market today.

What most web designers, web developers and web brokers don’t realize is, they could be earning residual income from their customers for years after the project ends. Plus, they can further brand their own web design company identity, by having their logo fly proudly in all communications and renewals for their client’s website hosting, domain names, business emails, SSL Certificates and all other web services their customers need in order to make their businesses successful.

Most online marketing professionals are aware of affiliate programs that are offered by all major domain and web hosting providers. The issue with most of these programs is that, after your referral link sends a customer to the provider and they make an initial purchase, that’s it, your income potential ends there. When that customer renews that domain name, website hosting account, business email or SSL Certificate, you do not receive an affiliate dollar amount for the initial referral.

What a web developer or web designer really needs is their own storefront that sells all the same services at competitive prices, so they continue to get income whenever their customer renews.

That’s where Byhandmedia.net‘s Turnkey Web Storefront starts.

We offer a fully prepared web presence, complete with an automated shopping cart, product pages, customizable layout options (including your logo), our own 24-hour support team to field your customer’s phone calls, along with all of the services that you would normally let walk out the door.

The BEST part about our storefront is you don’t need to be a web developer or designer at all! That’s because we include a dedicated customer support telephone support team to handle all phone calls from your clients. So if you don’t have answers, we will. PLUS with our Website Builder product, you won’t need to create websites for customers at all, if you don’t want to!

Some of the more than 50 products and services you will be selling include:

  • Domain Names

    All of the popular domain extensions, such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .ME, .CO, International gTLD’s, PLUS all of the newly released exotic gTLD’s.

  • Website Hosting

    Including Linux with cPanel, Windows with Plesk, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), specialized WordPress hosting, or helping you setup standalone server boxes.

  • Custom Email Accounts

    Custom email accounts help companies build their business identity and you can now sell this very popular product and earn residual income whenever your customers renew their accounts. Our live, expert telephone support team will even assist your clients with their new email setup on any major electronics device, saving you the headache of trying to handle that yourself.

  • Do-It-Yourself Website Builder

    Have clients that don’t have the budget to afford hiring you? Now you can work with them as well by offering Website Builder Tool, a drag and drop interface they can use to build their own website. Your storefront will handle all the renewals for that product as well, so you’ll earn income on every sale and renewal.

  • SSL Certificates

    Let customers know their private details are safe and earn income by selling this important tool for modern websites.

For a small yearly fee, you can be up and running in less than 24 hours, ready to sell all of the important website marketing and design tools your customers need. PLUS, there’s no limit to how much you can earn with online marketing, search engine marketing and social campaigns. We provide a complete package, along with a suite of marketing tips you can use to assist with your own efforts.

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Let Hit Pictures Technology put you in the red-hot domain name registration and internet services business. We’ve done the heavy lifting, including product development, customer support and infrastructure, plus we’ve built you a powerful website. So start your own franchise business today less than the cost of most franchises. Begin earning money today!

  • Competitive Buy Rates! Sell over 50 products.
  • Set your own prices, so you can decide your profit.
  • Features a pre-built, fully customizable website, hosted in our world-class data center.
  • We handle billing and customer support and you can track all sales online.
  • Your storefront goes live the moment you sign up.
  • FREE Bonus software to help you sell!

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