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Hit Handouts are the original animated handouts. Hit Handouts give brands & businesses that rely on business cards, flyers and service menus a memorable way to leave an impression on their customers and business contacts.

We all know that the world is quickly transitioning to digital communications. That means today more than ever before, business owners, salespeople, account executives, event planners and more are communicating & marketing to their customers via text, email, websites and social media platforms. Until now, the handout hasn’t evolved with this transition. Hit Handouts are animated files that can be shared with your contacts via these critically important platforms: text, email , websites, social media and other digital platforms.

These animated designs will leave a unique and lasting impression on your contacts. Each Hit Handout comes with a unique QR code as well, giving customers the ability to instantly find out more about your company, restaurant or service. Don’t currently have a web presence? No problem, every Hit Handout comes with a lifetime subscription to Hit Pictures Brand Pages, a web business page that includes a description of your business, sharing links for your Hit Handout, and the ability for you to add links to any of your other websites and social media pages.

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All you need to share Hit Handouts is your Smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. No special software is needed.
Every Hit Handout and Resume Subscription order includes a free Business Web Page with multiple animated banner options.
Hit Handout orders include a version optimized for use as an email signature, allowing you to transform your email marketing.

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All Hit Handout and Resume Subscription orders include a free web page. Select a banner style that fits your brand and style.

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