Hit Pictures Resumes

Introducing Hit Pictures Resumes, a Hit Handouts product. Hit Pictures Resumes offers a simple, easy-to-use interface for creating and maintaining a single resume, or hundreds of resumes at one time.

Our user-friendly Step-by-Step interface will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Drag and drop your Resume sections and Resume entries for easy updates on the go, or manage dozens of Resumes if you’re an agency managing talent.

Hit Pictures Resumes are optimized for the entertainment industry and include critical tools exclusive to Above the Line Talent such as Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers and more, as well as Below-the-Line Talent including Composers, Editors, Cinematographers, Line Producers and more. Other industries that commonly use our Resume product include Models, Deejays, Hosts, Visual Arts and many others.

While Hit Pictures Resumes are optimized for the entertainment industry, the application will create any type of resume at all, including corporate resumes.

Single users of this product have the added benefit of getting a beautifully designed Profile Page that can be used as a Links Hub and unique web presence.

Resume Screenshots