Plugin installation and usage instructions

These are instructions for installing and using the Overlay Sliders plugin.

  1. Upload the Overlay Sliders plugin to your website.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Click the Add New sub-tab under Overlay Sliders.
  4. Change the default title to the desired button name. This will appear on the button title.
  5. Adjust settings, such as the opacity and color of the button that will activate your slider.
  6. Choose slider type.
  7. If this is a Widget Slider, after your publish, visit the Widgets sub-tab under Appearance, and select the widgets your would like to display on this slider.
  8. If this is a Image Slider, select a category of images, a post ID to display its attachments, or a list of attachment IDs, to display.
  9. Use the auto-generated Shortcode to display the button that activates this slider within post content. Note: Buttons embedded within post content will not display in the default button array, or on sidebars.
  10. Use the Overlay Slider Buttons widget to display one or all of your activator buttons on a sidebar. Note: Buttons should only appear once per page. A 2nd instance will not function.
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