Look, man, I am TIRED of that! I am not passing! I am BLACK! Do you hear me, man? Do you understand? I am BLACK! I am a NIGGA’, you understand me? I was BORN Black, I -LIVE- Black, and I’m gonna die, prob’ly -BECAUSE- I’m Black, because some Cracker that -KNOWS- I’m Black, better than -YOU-, Nigga’, is prob’ly gonna put a BULLET in the back of my head!
– Pretty Willie played by David Lemieux
From the movie The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973)

I went along with that thing of yours about getting out cause I had nothing else. When I get out what am I gunna do? I don’t know nothing else but dope, baby. Takin’ it, sellin’ it, bankrollin’ so other small time pusher. Ya know, you’ve got this fantasy in your head about gettin outta the life and setting that other world on its ear. What the F*CK are you gunna do except hustle? Besides pimpin’? And you really ain’t got the stomach for that. Now man I ain’t puttin you down. If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be here, I’d be O.D’ed some place. I’m just trying to make it real, baby like it is. I mean, maybe this is what you’re supposed to do, maybe this is what you’re growing to. Just think about it, don’t throw it out, just, just think about it.
– Eddie played by Carl Lee
From the movie Super Fly (1972)

Buck: Which way are you ridin’, Preacher?
The Preacher: Well, that’s not exactly settled in my mind yet.
Buck: Well, you got three possibilities.
The Preacher: Oh?
Buck: North, south or east.
The Preacher: What happened to west?
Buck: We’re going west.
– Buck played by Sidney Poitier
– The Preacher played by Harry Belafonte
From the movie Buck and the Preacher (1972)

“Those two bitches that left, they betta’ learn to sell pussy in Iceland, because if I ever see them again, I’m gonna’ cut their fuckin’ throats… We are family, and that’s how we’re gonna’ stay!” ~ Nichelle Nichols in Truck Turner (1974)

Nichelle Nichols (famous for her role as Lt. Uhura in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek) played Dorinda, a female pimp in the Jonathan Kaplan classic blaxploitation film Truck Turner, which starred musician-turned-actor Isaac Hayes. She said this statement to her stable of working girls as a warning to those looking to leave.