Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference info

The Digital Publishing & Advertising Conference will bring together the leading figures in media, marketing, publishing, and technology to discuss the exploding digital content and advertising industry, exploring the new frontiers of “digital” for all content providers, agencies, and marketers. DPAC will help big and small media and content companies, full-service agencies, and brands get …

Google breaks into TV, allowing more businesses to buy TV advertising

NBC Universal (NBCU) is teaming up with Google to form a strategic multi-year advertising, research and technology partnership. The two companies will work together to develop more effective advertising metrics, attract non-traditional advertising partners to NBCU and incorporate self-service buying opportunities through the Google TV Ads advertising platform. On the national level, NBCU will offer …

Green ad agency celebrates Green Day

Union Green, an advertising agency serving environmentally conscious businesses, organizations and foundations, has partnered with the New Jersey State Fair and the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show to launch Green Day, an inaugural event at the Sussex County Fairgrounds designed to celebrate the region’s commitment to conservation and educate fairgoers on green issues impacting …

New Software from ADBASE Gives Exclusive Marketing Advantage to Photographers and Illustrators

Powerful email marketing campaigns are suddenly within easy reach for commercial photographers, illustrators and their reps. Emailerv2 from ADBASE is uniquely and specifically designed for artists, enabling them to maximize their selling impact with every art buyer on that all-important mailing list.

Newly launched, ADBASE Emailerv2 is the result of meticulous beta testing with a select list of ADBASE clients. The program is a highly user-friendly tool, enabling the creation of email marketing campaigns with no designer needed! Emailerv2 offers several templates for photos, illustrations and copy and a choice of custom color backgrounds. Commercial photographers and illustrators can enjoy dramatically