Resume Conversion Service + Advanced Resume Subscription

Only $4.95 per Month*

Create and maintain up to 4 individual Resumes with the Advanced Resume Subscription. If you don’t have the time to convert your existing Resume, just submit a PDF file to us and we will handle the conversion for you for a one-time fee of $69.90 for a single Resume.

After we complete setting up your Hit Pictures Resume, we’ll setup your account and provide you with the login access so you’ll be able to make future edits and additions. You’ll also be able to add gallery images and a thumbnail.

Hit Pictures Resumes offer user-friendly Step-by-Step interface will guide you through the process from beginning to end. Drag and drop your Resume sections and Resume entries for easy updates on the go, or manage dozens of Resumes if you’re an agency managing talent.

Hit Pictures Resumes are optimized for the entertainment industry and include critical tools exclusive to Above the Line Talent such as Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers and more, as well as Below-the-Line Talent including Composers, Editors, Cinematographers, Line Producers and more. Other industries that commonly use our Resume product include Models, Deejays, Hosts, Visual Artists and many others.

While Hit Pictures Resumes are optimized for the entertainment industry, the application will create any type of resume at all, including corporate resumes.

The Advanced Resume Subscription includes a beautifully designed Profile Page that can be used as a Links Hub and unique web presence.

If you would like to handle converting your own Resume, you can just Subscribe to the Advanced Resume Subscription alone HERE.

*Billed bi-monthly after initial one-time $69.90 charge. Subscription begins 1 day after order is placed.

  • Our Step-by-Step Resume Builder with Drag and Drop features make the creation process simple and easy.
  • Includes optimized tools for the entertainment, music and media industries.
  • All Resume Subscriptions include a FREE profile Web Page with your choice of more than 20 animated banners, unlimited web links, page design options and more.
  • Includes a powerful gallery maker so you can add set photos, work examples, headshots and other media.
  • Never miss an opportunity again with multiple sharing and email options right on your resume page.
  • Pay for your Resume Subscription with a Credit Card, Debit Card or a Paypal Account.



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