How to add a custom header or logo to M Theater

Below is an example of how you can customize the header of your M Theater website installation with the new ‘title-background’ class. Place this code below into the Custom CSS text box in Theme Options: hgroup { width:100%; height:150px; margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0;} hgroup.title-background { background-image: url(‘http://linktoyourimage.jpg’); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: bottom center; background-size:contain; margin-top:0; } nav.main-navigation { …

How to create new galleries in WordPress 3.5

I’ve been getting some questions on how to create new galleries in WordPress 3.5, so I thought I’d post this brief tutorial on the matter. Here are a few facts on the subject to begin: Unless you’re using a plug-in or your Theme changes gallery control or creation, the instructions below should work no regardless …

Choosing Color Schemes

I’ve created 29 different Color Schemes to choose from in M Theater. Access Color Scheme options under Appearance > Design Options, or from the front of your website, under the Customize menu. There are previews of each color scheme in Design Options. If you have selected a background color manually, changing Color Schemes will not …

Properly displaying galleries with M Theater

In order to display galleries at their best with M Theater, be sure to make your thumbnails link directly to full-size images rather than Attachment Pages. Linking to Attachment Pages can cause the Attachment Page to open in the Lightbox overlay. If necessary, change the linking option in the Media Window (see below).

Including Source Links in your posts and pages

Including Source Links and giving research credit adds to the legitimacy of your content. These fields are optional and you can add as many entries as you like. Create a single entry per field, and click the ‘Add’ button for additional entries. Links – Website links that will be clickable when published. Names – People, …

Suppress printing options

You can prevent printing of content from Pages, Posts, Resumes or other Post Types, by checking the ‘Suppress Printing’ options, where they are available. Under ‘Additional Options’ check Yes to prevent an entire page’s content from printing. There are also other areas on Edit pages, where you can select parts of pages from printing, such …

Removing the header banners in MTheater

You can remove all of the default header banners in MTheater under Appearance > Theme Options by checking the ‘Default Headers’ checkbox. You can also select a specific default header banner or upload your own header banners under Appearance > Header. CLICK HERE to download additional free header banners for your website, in a variety …