How to copy/paste text from rich text applications such as MS Word into WordPress 4.1

One of my clients just reached out to me with a question about methods of copy/pasting text from applications such as Microsoft Word, into a Post or Page in WordPress.

As of WordPress 4 (and possibly earlier), there is an updated “Paste as Text” toggle button option, when working in the ‘Visual Editing Mode.’ Toggle this button to choose how you would like to paste your content.

Rich Text: Will maintain much of the HTML styles or convert font styles into HTML
Plain Text: Will remove all styles and paste you content as plain text.

NOTE: For content style consistency, I always recommend pasting content as plain text and styling within the WordPress Editor. This will maintain formatting and font colors throughout your website or blog.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see where you will find the button on the Edit Window.

"Paste As Text" turned off and "Toggle Toolbar" turned on (showing full toolbar).
“Paste As Text” turned off and “Toggle Toolbar” turned on (showing full toolbar).
"Paste As Text" button turned on.
“Paste As Text” button turned on.