How to display an animated slider of ‘sticky’ posts with M Theater

M Theater gives you the option of displaying an animated slider of ‘sticky’ posts on your home page. So what are ‘sticky’ posts, anyway? ‘Sticky’ posts stay at the top of your archive displays, regardless of the date of newer posts.

By adding a large image to your post, you can display a rotating slider on your home page. The optimal size of these images is 1020 pixels wide by 554 pixels tall. Larger images will be automatically cropped and sized to fit. the slider area.

There are 2 display options, including: “Your Latest Posts” or “A Static Page,” as you can see in the example below.

Your Latest Posts

This option displays your slider above additional recent posts. There are a maximum number of 17 ‘sticky’ posts in sliders, so the rest will fall below with all other ‘non-sticky’ posts. How many displayed will depend on the options you have set in your general settings, under Settings > Reading, as well as how many ‘sticky’ posts you have published at any given time.

A Static Page

You can also create a static page and choose page template “B – Home Option With Slider.” This creates a static page with your latest ‘sticky’ posts, with optional introduction text underneath.

Select which display option under Settings > Reading.

In order to make a post ‘sticky,’ choose the option under the Publish area, when creating a new post.