Novell Bell’s Man Up Stand Up, Queens, New York

Novell Bell, The Black Taoist, sponsors Man Up Stand Up, periodically in Queens, New York. These are images I took at the event a few months ago. You can see additional images and read two CNN reports I wrote about Man Up Stand Up Here and Here.

Below is the text of the CNN report:

Last Saturday I headed into Queens for Novell Bell’s Man Up Stand Up event. Sifu Bell’s Man Up Stand Up Traditional Wushu Fighting League – also called MUSU – gathers classically trained martial artists from around the world to meet and compete, utilizing their respective styles, inside of a free fighting combat arena. Sifu Bell, known as the Black Taoist, developed the concept to showcase the techniques and skills of a competitor’s respective martial arts system among their colleagues within the traditional martial arts community. It was an exciting event that had the overall feel of an underground fight club. The small space also placed you right at the brink of the action, with ample opportunity to get your shirt doused with sweat and blood.

On this day’s battles, Discovery Channel’s Hidden America film crew was on hand to tape the event for an upcoming documentary series, which could help bring attention to, as well as help distinguish, MUSU from traditional MMA. Hard styles of martial arts were on display during the full contact matches, preceded by a series of katas by competitors, judges and guests.

Bell himself has studied various styles of martial arts, and travelled to Beijing, China to learn the Yin Style BaGua Zhang martial art system from top masters of the style. Today, he passes his knowledge on to local and out of town students of all ages, from his home base in New York City.