How to create new galleries in WordPress 3.5

I’ve been getting some questions on how to create new galleries in WordPress 3.5, so I thought I’d post this brief tutorial on the matter. Here are a few facts on the subject to begin:

  1. Unless you’re using a plug-in or your Theme changes gallery control or creation, the instructions below should work no regardless of what WordPress Theme you’re running.
  2. You can create multiple galleries and display them independently within the same Post, Page or Custom Post Format.
  3. You can add any image from your Media Library into a gallery, you’re not limited to the images uploaded to the Post or Page you’re creating or editing.

Now, onto the tutorial. In order to create a new gallery in WordPress 3.5, follow the steps below. It will seem like a lot at first, but once you get the hang of it, creating galleries takes a matter of seconds. Below each step are visual example screenshots to help guide you along faster.

  • On the Post Edit Window, Click the “Add Media” button.
  • A Media Window will open as an overlay to your Edit Window, in a Lightbox effect. Assuming you want to create a gallery of new images, first click the “Upload Files” tab.
  • From here, you have the choice of either dragging and dropping files from your desktop directly onto the browser window (for modern browser versions), or clicking the “Select Files” button near the center of the browser window (this works similar to adding files to a new email).
  • After choosing the files to upload, you will see progress bars for each file, with thumbnails appearing after each is completely uploaded. NOTE: Because of server limitations and other local server issues, you may experience interruptions – by way of a long pause – if you have a large number of files to upload, or large file sizes. If this happens, do not simply drag the remaining files onto the Media Window. Close the Media Window, click “Save Draft” (unpublished) or “Update” (already published), then re-open the Media Upload Window and follow the previous steps to continue your upload. You only need to add the remaining files that were not uploaded successfully.
  • Make sure all the images you want in your gallery are checked (top right corner of each thumbnail). Just above the thumbnails, you have the option to view only files uploaded to the Post or Page you’re working on, using a drop-down menu.
  • Next click “Create Gallery” on the left, then the blue “Create A New Gallery” button on the lower right.
  • Next you will see thumbnails of all image files within your gallery.
  • Use “Gallery Settings” to the right to select the settings for your new gallery. Settings include:
    Link To – Choose from drop-down menu either “Media File” (example here) for a Lightbox-style overlay of full-size images or “Attachment Page” (example here) for each thumbnail in your gallery to link to a separate page for each full-size image.
    Columns – Choose how many thumbnail columns across.
    Random Order – Select the “Random Order” checkbox if you want your thumbnails to load randomly each time a viewer loads the page.
  • You can also optionally drag and drop your thumbnails here to change the order of the gallery, if “Random Order” checkbox is not selected.
  • Next click the blue “Insert Gallery” button in the lower right corner, to insert your new gallery into your page.