Shots of Pam Grier at The Film Society of Lincoln Center

Pam Grier recently made an appearance during a retrospective of her most unforgettable films at The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater. Prior to the screening of a rare 35MM print of Coffy, Ms. Grier sat with filmmaker Warrington Hudlin to discuss what it meant to be a strong female lead in a male-dominated action movie field during the early 1970’s. I lit up when she mentioned that martial arts films were one of her own early influences, which goes to show the enormous impact those films have made on the African-American community, much of which I discuss in my documentary Blvd. Warriors.

Prior to the discussion, Warrington was nice enough to bring me backstage, where I briefly met Ms. Grier. During her talk there with Warrington, she mentioned some of her current passions, one of which is promoting female empowerment, another topic of my documentary, as told through my interviews with a number of martial artists, such as Master Linda Ranson and Shidoshi Nathan Ingram, both of whom have self-defense programs for women.

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