Cult Theatre Postcards: Series One, Card Number 7 – State Theatre


This historic Cult Theatre Grindhouse Postcard features an extremely rare photo of the State Theatre. The State Theatre was located in 703 S. Broadway in Los Angeles, California.

When the photo was taken, the State Theatre was screening Clint Eastwood’s Every Which Way But Loose, The Gauntlet and the first Shaw Brothers martial arts kung fu film to get a release in mainstream U.S. theaters – Five Fingers of Death (also known as King Boxer).

Known as a vaudeville theater and movie palace, the former Loew’s State Theatre was the first broadway picture palace to convert to Spanish-language films in 1963. The theater became the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God after riots, recession and earthquakes changed downtown Los Angeles forever.

Located at 703 S. Broadway, Loew’s State opened in 1921 with a seating capacity of 2,450. The theater offered both film and vaudeville when it opened. Judy Garland performed at the theater as part of the Gumm Sisters in 1929. Designed by Charles Weeks and William Day, the 12-story Loew’s State is said to be the largest brick-clad structure in Los Angeles. The theater is also noted for the seated Buddha located in a niche above the proscenium arch. In 1998, Metropolitan Theaters stopped showing movies at the State and leased the space to the Universal Church.

All Cult Theatre Postcards feature vintage and grindhouse movie theaters within the United States. The series includes cinemas in major urban centers such as Downtown Los Angeles, New York’s Times Square – then known as “The Deuce,” Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore and many, many more famous cities. The movie theatres are screening cult classics, B-movies, martial arts films, horror films and more.

The time was the 1980’s and movie theaters were attempting to reinvent themselves, with smaller budgets and new audiences. Many independently owned theaters resorted to low-cost B-movies and Asian movie imports, especially kung fu films.

Five Fingers of Death

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These extremely rare movie theater images are officially licensed and scanned directly from the negatives or the best quality photo image available.

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