Having display issues with Media Tags and Categories not being found?

There seems to be an issue with certain Media Tags and Media Categories, where they display a “No Media Found” message, even if there is content in those sections. This only seems to happen when you manually edit the “slug” of a Term. You should also avoid duplicating the names of Categories and Media Categories. For example, if you have a Category term called “Birds,” avoid having a Media Category called “Birds.” Instead, you might call it “Bird Images” or “Bird Videos.”

When creating new Media Tags and Media Categories (Terms), it’s best not to manually edit the “slug,” let WordPress automatically create the slug for you. If you have a long term that you feel strongly about editing, do it ONLY at the time of creation, not after you’ve already saved the new Term.

What if I’ve already added a bunch of media files to the Term and they won’t display in archives?

  • If you’ve already added a number of media files and don’t want to start over:
  • Go to the Media Category or Media Tag index (where they are all displayed and you can add new ones).
  • Find the term you’re having the issue with and click the number in the last column that has the number of attached files.
  • Go through each file and add a duplicate Term, keeping the default slug WordPress creates. This will make it easier than going through your entire Media Library to find the selected files and re-attaching them to the new (duplicate) Term.