How to add your resume to the main navigation of your website

If you want to add your Resume Bindery resume to your website’s navigation, you have multiple options. Below are two of the most common ways. (Click images for larger versions, if you’re having issues reading the text).

Create a Custom Menu

The screenshots below show how to access the Custom Menu screen, where you can create a Custom Menu to replace your main navigation and add all, or some, of your pages to it. On the Custom Menu edit screen, you can also add links to any webpage, including your resume. The new link looks like a link to any other page.

Create a Redirect Page

If you have a plug-in such as Page Links To installed on your website, simply create a new redirect page and link it to the permalink of your resume (see screenshot below). If installed, the plug-in is usually located towards the bottom of your edit window, in a custom meta box. If the plug-in is not installed and you’re not familiar with installing plug-ins on your own, it’s best the use the first method described above to add your resume to your main navigation.