Hero Engine empowers indie game developers

Idea Fabrik (Boerse Berlin GB00B61CVK31, TI4.BE) today announced the launch of HeroEngine 2. The new Engine will offer developers state-of-the-art graphics, high spec development tools and integrated middleware.

HeroEngine 2 includes the following keys features and updates:

Graphics: Powerful changes to graphics engine including several new tools that make it easier for game developers to create and re-create realistic scenes such as custom shaders, shadows and HDR rendering.

Development Tools: New Foundation Framework components have been added including game matchmaking lobbies, multi-area and group chat, and an item and social system. The Foundation Framework are customizable core system building blocks that are able to be used in any online game, By adding these new core game systems, HeroEngine allows developers instead to focus on innovative gameplay features.

HeroEngine 2 also includes a more intuitive new user interface for the engine’s editor and repository browser. Overall engine performance improvements have also been made.

In addition to the existing middleware providers, HeroEngine 2 now integrates two new key middleware solutions:

  1. SpeedTree for Games 6, a professional solution for adding animated trees and foliage seamlessly into games
  2. Awesomium Web UI Browser Framework, which allows for seamless integration of critical in-game systems such as micro transactions and subscriptions, and also provides an easy and flexible way to create immersive UI and web content.

HeroEngine 2 is immediately available on HeroCloud through various licensing options starting from $99 per year. HeroCloud is Idea Fabrik’s cloud-hosted development and live game service, offering affordable access to HeroEngine. For more information on source code licenses, please visit heroengine.com.