Using Photoshop to create panoramic photos

I’ve been playing around with panoramic photos recently and found a wealth of information on using Photoshop, tripods and other tools, to improve my results. I thought I’d share this video, which outlines a series of steps to stitch your photos together in Photoshop CS 3 and higher.

NOTE: Depending on the speed of your machine, some of these processes may take some time, so be patient.

  1. Open files by going to File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack
  2. Photoshop will open all your selected images into a new file, one image per layer.
  3. Open the Layers Window and select all the layers in the new file, then go to Edit > Auto-Align Layers. Choose “Auto from the list of radio buttons.
  4. Select all your layers again, then go to Edit > Auto-Blend Layers. This helps remove the seams that will be pronounced in most stitched together images.
  5. Merge your layers by flattening the file under Layer > Flatten Image (or from the Layers Window).
  6. Crop your image into a desired rectangular shape.
  7. Save your file and you’re done.

Check out the instructional video, below.