Final Weapon screening at Anthology Film Archives

On Tuesday I went to a screening of the short martial arts film Final Weapon at Anthology Film Archives in Downtown New York City. FInal Weapon screened as part of the popular New Filmmaker Series, which takes place on the East Coast in New York, as well as in L.A. out West. In attendance were several people involved with the movie, including director and producer Stephan Berwick, one of the film’s stars Tajiquan master, Ren Guangyi, and musician and martial artist Lou Reed, whose music created the backdrop for the project. It was an honor to have a chance to watch this piece of art on a large screen and then hear the filmmakers talk about what it was like to work on. One scene that really stuck out, featured Ren Guangyi doing a most incredible kata to Lou Reed’s music. Looking forward to seeing a feature-length version of Final Weapon in the months to come. CLICK HERE to find out more about the film.

Also on the ticket for the evening was Linette Lucas’ Friend & Foe, which told the semi-biographical tale of her father, who co-starred in the film. Lucas, along with her father, and several co-stars of that short, were in attendance to support the project. Coincidentally, Friend & Foe also had a martial arts theme, but in that short’s case, it played as more of a backdrop, and discussed some of the themes I talk about in Blvd. Warriors.