Anthony Colon’s Tri-State Karate Do

I recently visited Sensei Anthony Colon’s new space, Tri-State Karate Do, located in Flushing, Queens. Born and raised in The Bronx and Brooklyn, Sensei Colon has been a competitive martial artist for years, winning numerous competitions along the way. Colon is also a hip hop dancer and fitness trainer who’s dedicated to preserving true hip hop culture, and finding new ways to share it with the next generation of kids from around the globe.

His always-free Kids of New York events look like a United Nations of hip hop, featuring b-boys and b-girls everywhere from The Dominican Republic to Haiti to Russia to The Philippines, who all meet up in The Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn, and battle for floor supremacy on any given day.

I also interviewed Sensei Colon for my upcoming documentary Blvd. Warriors.