Hamilton Park in Weehawkin, New Jersey

I visited Hamilton Park in Weehawkin, New Jersey yesterday, looking for famous Weehawken Dueling Grounds – the spot where Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr supposedly had an ole-fashioned gun fight. Instead, we found a view everyone should witness who lives in the New York/New Jersey area.

The story goes that The Weehawken Dueling Grounds is the site of a July 1804 pistol showdown between Alexander Hamilton (father of industrial Paterson) and Newark native Aaron Burr. Hamilton died in the incident, while Burr lived on in disgrace. On the cliffs of Weehawken, across from 39 Hamilton Avenue, a plaque marks the spot where “somewhere below” the duel took place. The boulder upon which Hamilton leaned after suffering his mortal wound has been moved to the spot and sits behind a bust of the slain patriot.

While waiting for sunset at Hamilton Park, we stopped by Trader Joe’s in Edgewater for some cheap and healthy snacks, and I snapped a few images of Binghamton’s, where many a high school prom was held, before the ferryboat/restaurant/banquet hall began to succumb to it’s 97 year-old body and started sinking into the Hudson. According to Wikipedia, The Binghamton is possibly the last surviving steam ferry still afloat built to serve New York Harbor, the birthplace of commercial steam navigation, and an area whose development was profoundly shaped by the introduction of vessels of this kind.