Hip Hop Kung Fu premiere

I took these images at the premiere of Hip Hop Kung Fu at The Asia Society. Hip Hop Kung Fu was presented with Dancing in the Streets.

Through a juxtaposition of Shaolin Wushu and Tai Chi, and Krumping, Vogueing, Waacking, Locking and Freestyle, this interdisciplinary work explores the reciprocal influences of Asian culture — particularly martial arts — on hip hop, and the influence of hip hop on Asian culture.

Featuring an international ensemble of dancers, drummers and martial artists, the work is choreographed by Emilio “Buddha Stretch” Austin Jr. with Valerie “Ms. Vee” Ho and Michele Byrd McPhee.

Emilio “Buddha Stretch” Austin Jr. is a roving ambassador of hip hop dance who travels the world as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and competition judge. He has been a seminal influence on the development of hip hop dance in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Michele Bryd McPhee is a choreographer, dancer and Founding Artistic Director of Ladies of Hip Hop, an annual festival that is dedicated to preserving and redefining women’s role in hip hop.

Hip Hop Kung Fu is co-presented by Dancing in the Streets and Casita Maria Center for Arts in Education as part of Hip Hop Generation Next: From the South Bronx to East Asia.