Disney giving away Alice in Wonderland on Blu-ray 3D?

Walt Disney Studios and Sony Electronics have teamed up in the U.S. to provide consumer and retail education, along with promotional and marketing support for in-home 3D devices and content. The collaboration includes advertising and retail execution, as well as product bundling, including the Blu-ray 3D debut of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

Launching during the high-traffic holiday retail season, this innovative campaign, incorporates 10 different Sony 3D BRAVIA HDTVs and includes one of the most successful 3D films in history, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

The marketing campaign features multiple consumer incentives as well as a comprehensive television, online, social media and print campaign. With the purchase of select Sony’s 3D BRAVIA HDTVs, consumers will have a choice between Alice in Wonderland or Bolt on Blu-ray 3D.

In many markets outside of the U.S., Disney will also make available the Blu-ray 3D version of Alice in Wonderland and Bolt for select Sony 3D products.