New social networking website helps indie artists

Music Lunge is a social networking site designed to help Indie and Major artists with business consulting, development, music publishing, radio distribution and song mastering. Music Lunge provides live consultations to their members to help them reach the next level. With Music Lunge, subscribers have the best features of the popular social networking sites, combined into one convenient location. Music Lunge offers the personal page malleability of sites like Facebook or MySpace, allowing members to keep up with friends’ status updates and photos. In addition, videos can be uploaded, browsed and searched with a service comparable to that of YouTube, and a Twitter-like micro-blogging feature, are all readily available and easy to use.

In addition, Music Lunge helps artists move beyond their immediate work and get their names out. Music Lunge will take artists’ songs directly to the desks of playlist decision makers for all the major national radio stations (Sirius, College, On Demand, Europe FM, and Internet Stations) with digital distribution capabilities rivaling that of industry powerhouses like Sony, Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, Universal and EMI. Indie artists, producers and record label’s content will also be delivered directly to music industry professionals, record labels, satellite services, music services, consultants, media, and film and television. Music executives now have instant inbox access to promotional and pre-release singles, albums, radio shows, artist liners and videos.

With live music business consultations, Music Lunge stands apart with music industry professionals such as George “Pretty Boy Beats” Seals and super lawyer, Howard Hertz. “We offer music live business consulting services to indie artists, independent record labels and musicians at affordable prices. Who better to get consulting from than the industry professionals themselves,” said Music Lunge founder Sergio Giles. Music Lunge will be giving ongoing consultations for their members.

George “Pretty Boy Beats” Seals started producing hits at the age of 16 and worked his way up through the trenches on the music industry. He is now one of the most sought after producers in the Southeast. Pretty Boy Beats has worked as Producer, Songwriter, A&R and Executive with companies such as The Drum Majorz, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, Atlantic Records, Warner Brothers, MTV and Clear Channel, and is the founder/CEO of George Seals Music Publishing. George Seals will be doing a Music Business Consulting Conference Call (MBC3), hosted by Music Lunge on October 2, 2010, 8pm EDT/5pm PDT. His hour long consultation will be on Tips on Being Successful as an Independent Artist and will answer questions that Indie artists and/or labels may have.

When it comes to the best, there is none other than entertainment super-lawyer Howard Hertz. He specializes in entertainment law and is the lead attorney of Hertz Schram’s Entertainment Practice Group. Since 1976 he has represented numerous artists and entities in the entertainment field, including recording artists, songwriters, record labels, radio personalities, producers, music publishers, artist managers, authors, filmmakers, screenwriters, production companies, agents, and athletes. Some of his well-known clients have been George Clinton, Sippie Wallace, The Romantics, The Bass Brothers, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Russell Simmons, O-Town, Pantera, Marcus Belgrave, The GO, Mike Posner, Elmore Leonard, Warner Tamerlane and Atlantic Records. The services he provides to his clients range from contract negotiation and litigation to entity formation and estate/tax planning. Mr. Hertz also travels to MIDEM, the International Music Festival in Cannes, France, annually, on behalf of his clients.

Music Lunge is proving VIP treatment is no longer the exclusive luxury of the Big Label, superstars of music. Music Lunge is giving the independent artist the same mega star service while allowing them to maintain full control over both their promotional activities and profits. Music Lunge is truly every music artist’s best friend. For more information about Music Lunge, visit their website at