Using RSS feeds to speed content distribution on Social Networking websites

Problem: I wanted to update all of my Social Network pages – created to help promote my film blog – regularly, without having to duplicate content multiple times over multiple websites. At the same time, I wanted the content on these pages, which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FriendFeed and Squidoo, to be fresh and up to date, giving readers an overview of the content they could expect to find on

Solution: Using RSS feeds, and each page’s built-in (or plug-in in the case of Twitter), I was able to use APIs to feed post excerpts from, directly into each Social Networking website.

  • Twitter: Using twitterfeed, I set up an API for the post titles and a TinyURL link back to the original post.
  • Facebook: Using the Facebook Application Social RSS, I set up a customizable feed that automatically posts the title, an excerpt and a link back to the original post.
  • FriendFeed: I added the RSS feed directly to the FriendFeed page.

So now, when posting to, multiple events occur to help bring traffic to the website rapidly. Various Update Services are automatically pinged (notified), which helps people browsing sites like Technorati or Sphere, find my most recent posts. In addition, Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed get an RSS feed of the post, allowing an audience of users on those websites to read the content and visit the site.

NOTE: You can link your Facebook account directly to your Twitter account. However, this solution wasn’t the best for me because I was looking to use my blog as the central content creation location. However, if you’d like to link those two Social Networks, go to

Contact us to find out how BY HAND MEDIA can create the same functionality for your Social Network marketing program, plus link additional services to the same API “tree”, and help boost traffic to your website.