How selling custom t-shirts can help expand a brand’s reach with little or no overhead

I Have A Film Fetish T-Shirt from MyBindery Store
I Have A Film Fetish T-Shirt from MyBindery Store

Issue: I had been wanting start a t-shirt business for years, and in my spare time had been creating designs and licensing stock art for just that purpose. Then recently, I was looking for a way to help promote two of my blogs using t-shirts, and decided to look at zazzle for a possible solution to both issues.

Solution: I was able to set up an entire storefront, with virtually no overhead, using zazzle’s print-on-demand technology and their API.

BY HAND MEDIA can help you set up a storefront in order to extend your brand’s reach, or simply as a way of earning additional income. We can provide you with a customized logo to be used on your items, as well as art work and designs completely from scratch, based on your specifications.

Then you can make money online by selling the designs on hundreds of retail-quality products. It’s easy to create an online store to sell t-shirts, posters and numerous other items featuring art, photos and design work. You sell for free and earn income for sales, which are fulfilled on-demand. Using Zazzle’s powerful tools, it’s possible to sell work on t-shirts, stamps, posters, mugs, business cards, shoes, skateboards, calendars, tote bags, hats, posters and more.

Contact us if you would like high quality designs to sell, or for help setting up and customizing your storefront to match your existing brand.