Press release distribution service automates news content publishing

Mass Media Distribution (MMD) today announced that they have partnered with to provide their users with news content, in the form of press releases. 4RSS users will be able to automatically post MMD press releases into their news sites on topics that they choose based on keyword or category.

MMD has been working with 4RSS for the last 30 days to test the new system with their initial 10,000 news sites, and the project has been very popular and successful. A variety of websites around the world have been posting MMD press releases and a large number have appeared on multiple news sites.

Mass Media Distribution offers press release distribution to customers that wish to reach newspapers, magazines, trade journals, TV and Radio. All press releases are also posted online and reach thousands of online news sites worldwide.

MMD’s media list is divided into 507 categories so they can target journalists that are looking for their customer’s topic. In addition to sending press releases by their satellite feed, RSS and other distribution methods, MMD targets individual journalists by email from their list of 784,000 media contacts. Each press release is sent by itself, not grouped together with other press releases.

MMD gives their customers the option of press release distribution to journalists in a single city, metro area, country, multiple countries or worldwide. Their database of media contacts includes 193 countries. More information about Mass Media Distribution’s press release distribution service is available at