Creative Kingdom Unveils Mixed-Use Film Production, Residential, Entertainment Development in Thailand

Creative Kingdom, the company behind Dubai’s Palm Island and World Island, today unveiled plans for Chiang Mai Wood (CNX-Wood), a 175-acre mixed-use movie studio and residential development in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Once completed, the sprawling complex will house the state-of-the-art CNX Movie World Studios, as well as an integrated network of self-sufficient residential neighborhoods, a wide variety of entertainment offerings, cultural venues, museums and world-class restaurants. The development will be completed over five stages, beginning with the film studios.

The CNX Movie World Studios will feature a series of state-of-the-art film production studios, animation facilities and special effects laboratories. The facilities will provide film makers with the most advanced tools and technologies for developing and producing top quality domestic and international movies.

The development includes multiple residential neighborhoods, including villa and luxury housing, that will be connected to the film facilities via an integrated network of bike and walking paths. Each neighborhood will be fully independent, with its own infrastructure, stores, libraries, schools, medical facilities, water/electrical services, shopping, parks, entertainment and cultural venues.

In addition, a wide variety of entertainment offerings will be spread out over nine specially-themed areas in the complex. Movie theaters, a water park, theme parks, beach club, a man-made lagoon and a Japanese-themed amusement center are just some of the diverse features residents and visitors alike will discover.

For businesses, the complex will offer brand new corporate office buildings for international headquarters or regional bureaus. It will also be fully equipped to host corporate gatherings, conferences, events, product launches and other important functions.

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