Palm mobile to join Adobe’s Open Screen Project

At the GSMA Mobile World Congress, Adobe today announced that Palm is joining the Open Screen Project – a broad industry initiative dedicated to enabling standalone applications and full web browsing across televisions, desktops and mobile devices taking advantage of Adobe Flash Platform capabilities. The work of the Open Screen Project will help deliver Adobe Flash Player for smartphones on the new Palm webOS platform. The unique capabilities of the web-centric Palm webOS, combined with Flash Player, will enable webOS device users to benefit from the huge amount of Flash based web content for a richer, more complete Internet experience.

Led by Adobe, the Open Screen Project includes industry leaders working together to provide a consistent runtime environment and user experience across mobile phones, desktops, and other consumer electronics devices. The initiative addresses the challenges of web browsing on a broad range of devices, and removes the barriers to publishing content and applications seamlessly across screens. For more information, visit

Flash Player for smartphones is expected to be available to handset manufacturers at the end of 2009.

The Palm webOS platform, designed exclusively for mobile use, introduces Palm Synergy, which brings your information from the many places it resides into one simple, integrated view. WebOS also lets you keep multiple applications open and instantly flip from one to another, so you can flow easily between activities without losing your place. It’s designed to be so in sync with your needs that it feels like it’s thinking ahead for you.

More information about the new Palm Pre phone is available at