Power Up PSA program revs up

A television campaign aimed at warming Californians to the idea of same-sex marriage will premiere during inauguration week in January. Part of an effort by the group GetToKnowUsFirst, the five 30-second spots will run in both rural and urban markets. The ads feature gay families describing their experiences and urging their neighbors to “get to know” them before judging them.

The hope is that the commercials – produced by POWER UP, will change the voter sentiment that led to the passage of Proposition 8, the November 2008 ballot initiative that banned same-sex marriage in the state.

As you know, POWER UP is the only non-profit all volunteer run gay studio that counts on sponsors and donations to plan programs, workshops, films, etc. These programs and services effect change, growth and acceptance of our community. POWER UP believes that by telling stories, we share our unique experiences and open doors to awareness and breakdown walls to effectuate acceptance for all.

POWER Up has been at the helm of the production of 13 films and has been involved in dozens more. This organization has given away more than 2 million dollars in cash and in-kind gifts to storytellers to create their vision. We also offer seminars and classes to guide young filmmakers to making their films a reality.

Our artistic community bases itself on the passion and involvement of individuals. In other words, POWER UP cannot exist without the support of the community. This is the third PSA that POWER UP has produced in that last 6 months. The first one was a celebrity studded “NO on 8” available RIGHT HERE and the second one deals with Domestic Abuse and will be available in February.

To help, CLICK HERE and make a PLEDGE to continue the work of POWER UP. Would you please make a tax-deductible donation RIGHT NOW to the POWER UP PSA program, the program that allows POWER UP to make visual messages for other non-profits and grassroots community efforts.

By René Carson

René is a designer, journalist, coder, photographer and filmmaker based outside of New York.

He is the founder of Hit Pictures and Hit Handouts.