Company launches first 3D social network for global creative community

SohoMuse announced today to the worldwide artistic community that they are soft launching the first phase of They stated that SohoMuse is a boutique refuge for the Creative Nomad, an exclusive 3D escape for the creative professional and cultural world which is accessible from anywhere and at anytime. It is a visually stunning and inspiring place where Creative minds can find like-minded kindred spirits 24/7 in a uniquely aesthetic and interactive platform.

Dubbed as the “Vanity Fair” of the online world, the breathtaking design of the site is captured by renowned graphic artist Ryan Church, known for his work in blockbuster movies such as “Star Wars,” “War of the Worlds,” and more recently James Cameron’s “Avatar.” Inspired to be part of the SohoMuse team, Church stated, “Today my networking ability is established and conventional, but limited. The potential of SohoMuse is to take the concept of education, networking, self-promotion and collaboration to the next level.”

Church has simulated three cities for the soft launch, New York, London and Los Angeles, with more to come in the future. These cities will act as the locales where members will meet and interact and ultimately market themselves.

Other key players in the broad arts and entertainment communities have said this about

“When I was doing Project Greenlight, what we really needed was an online destination for creative people to be able to share and present their work and to collaborate together. It just didn’t exist. SohoMuse has built it. Their virtual rooms and marketplace are stunning and so valuable to anyone who is creating original works. I am so happy someone has finally done it.”
– “Project Greenlight” Producer, Chris Moore.

“We welcome this fabulous new online environment designed by creatives for creatives and recognize exciting potential for cultural and commercial cross-fertilization. A destination where writers can find movie directors and composers, musicians, where whole countries, cities and brands can display their wares and come together creatively in an awesome, state-of-the-art graphical virtual world.”
– London-based Jones At Monaco Co-Owner, Jonathan Boreham

“Social media is rapidly gaining ground in the way that people interact on the Web – according to the web information company Alexa, five of the top 10 visited Web sites in the U.S. are social media based. SohoMuse has found an amazing, untapped opportunity in building an exclusive, online virtual community for successful creative professionals, such as actors, writers and photographers, to interact, collaborate and inspire each other. With Reality Digital’s platform, SohoMuse members now have a way to share ideas and showcase personal talents beyond their on-the-job boundaries and engage with artists around the globe in an artist-safe environment. Reality Digital provides companies with an enterprise-scale social media platform, enabling them to build, manage and monetize brand-safe, rich media communities.”
– Cynthia Francis, Founder and CEO of Reality Digital

Other notable team members include Advertising Director, Andrew Hill, Head of Branded Entertainment for Omnicom Global Advertising. Hill stated, “We believe that SohoMuse represents a new generation of social and cultural networking site, creating a unique point of difference and we expect it to generate a more loyal community (better customer retention and dwell time) than the traditional non-focused sites, in addition to being designed from inception to incorporate advertisers’ and brands’ needs in a natural and consumer-friendly way.”

The first-round financing for the project was funded by Europe-based Rebel Media Group. “We believe in the vision of SohoMuse, and this complements Rebel’s many years of involvement in extreme sports, street arts, music and youth culture in general; the world needs a next-level community portal for creatives of all genres, and we are happy to be able to support the exciting development of SohoMuse with our many alliances.”
– Christian Maria Herles, Founder & CEO of Rebel Media Group is releasing a soft launch beta version on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008, which will include mobile phone accessibility. The website plans on launching the whole product range, Series 1.0, in the spring of 2009.

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