Retail kiosks in the spotlight

Kiosk Industries announced a full roster of kiosks from Eport Systems and Kiosk Entertainment, premiering at the KioskCom Self Service Expo, at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, today and tomorrow.

The KioskCom Kiosk built-in video camera records a short video greeting by visiting guests and emails it to friends…co-workers or family. Free demonstration illustrates the E-postcard fun it can generate and the versatility of Kiosk Industries’ Event-specific Kiosk, easily changing the logo and art on the kiosk front and offering the very popular Video E-postcard feature to support a company or group event or as a fee-based Profit Center in tourist destinations.

The WALTER MERCADO PSYCHIC NETWORK KIOSK is linked to a global call-center network, based in Puerto Rico and Mexico City ( and supported by a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Soon, it can be found in bi-lingual communities, in shopping malls, airport waiting rooms, supermarkets and mega-retailers.

The GLASS PANEL KIOSK is the most spectacular development in kiosk technology. As an awesome attraction, for example, to Department Store Holiday Windows, or as a FLOATING GLASS IMAGE for in-door or out-door applications, that invite the customer to “reach out and touch…” This is another example of the innovative technological advances being developed by Kiosk Industries, Inc., each with its own spirit of entertainment and showmanship.

Kiosks from Eport Systems will be on display including the SPORTS FRANCHISE KIOSK, offering “fan e-postcards from the game” and a menu of gift items and the E-GIFT KIOSK that offers live email consultation on gift purchases direct from the store.

KIOSKCOM SELF SERVICE EXPO is the premier showplace for the burgeoning kiosk industry.