Scion Fuses Hip-Hop and Electro for New Remix Projects Featuring Big Gipp and EPMD

After the success of its recent “Ghostface Killah” and “45 King” releases, Scion has once again enlisted talented artists and producers to create exclusive remixes for Scion A/V, the automaker’s private record label. This September, fans can rock two new A/V releases titled, “Scion A/V Remix – Big Gipp” and “Scion A/V Remix – EPMD.”

Scion has also partnered with Modular Records to bring music enthusiasts “Modular Remixed,” a record featuring popular tracks from the current Modular artillery by four exciting international up-and-coming acts.

“Scion is excited to help promote such world-renowned and gifted artists through these new releases and collaborations,” said Jeri Yoshizu, Scion sales promotions manager. “By giving them a unique platform for exposure and an opportunity to team up with producers from varied musical backgrounds, Scion continues its mission to support the arts.”

Beginning September 23, promotional copies of the new A/V releases will be distributed at special Scion-sponsored events and available for sale at leading online retailers. All of the proceeds from digital sales of the “Big Gipp” and “EPMD” remix records go directly back to the artists and their labels. Scion covers all distribution, production and licensing costs.