Run-DMC co-founder to setup cutting edge 3-D online environment

Futuristic 3-D social networking community and Paid Inc. have joined forces to develop a cutting edge, rich immersive 3-D environment for hip-hop legend Darryl DMC McDaniels, who co-founded the pioneering hip hop group Run-DMC. The highly symbiotic relationship is expected to open an ever-evolving series of pathways to increase web site traffic, enhance the experience of users and grow the revenue and profits of both companies and their clients. will be creating a 3-D online virtual world for DMC where registered users create avatars, virtual personas that live and interact in the virtual world and can either observe or be actively involved in the activities taking place. Paid will be creating virtual merchandise items that will be available for purchase by Worlds’ users to fashionably clothe or accessorize their avatars. All of the content and features will be available on DMC’s web site,, created and managed by Paid Inc., and will link seamlessly to DMC World. To facilitate ecommerce on Worlds, Paid will be integrating its patented ecommerce technology into Worlds’ online 3-D marketplace.

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