Superdistribution software to change the game for digital entertainment

A breakthrough system of superdistribution to freely share copyrighted material over the Internet via digital containers is rolling out today, aiming to change the way content owners deliver and profit from distributing television, games, books, movies and music entertainment over the Internet.

Santa Monica-based Digital Containers, a software company providing superdistribution of online content for entertainment companies, today introduces a new software system for content owners to use digital containers to store, share and distribute copyrighted content without loss of control, while providing both monetization and metrics to content owners. The software system allows content owners to leverage peer-to-peer technology and other Web advances. Rather than punishing web users for making a copy of a file (44% of Internet use is file-sharing), users of digital containers are now encouraged and rewarded for making copies for friends, family, backup and more.

The company plans to license its software and related intellectual property to some of the world’s largest content, communications, software and search companies. The company has already begun talks with several leading search, software and content firms looking to harness superdistribution for their sectors. Benefits of using digital containers include:

For Content Owners

  • Dramatically lower distribution costs
  • Extension of existing advertising revenue models
  • Enhanced metrics and monetization capabilities (including integrated merchandise)

For Content Users

  • Ability to keep the digital entertainment (movies, TV, books, games) they want
  • Ability to copy and share their files legally
  • A richer user experience that works online and off