Mavric revolutionizes e-commerce delivery of games and huge digital media files

MAVRIC Media, a provider of web-based digital asset management and content delivery tools, today announced that Noesis Interactive, a developer of training tutorials for the video gaming community has adopted MAVRIC Media’s SalesBOOST electronic delivery service to enable consumers to digitally download Noesis products. This technology will facilitate all e-commerce related delivery of these massive files.

“SalesBOOST facilitates digital downloads of huge files through our e-commerce engine, and for the first time, we have the ability to electronically deliver our tutorials to the video gamer who does not want to wait for their DVD to arrive in the mail,” said Dave Larson, Chairman of Noesis Interactive. “Hard media delivery can take from several days for U.S. customers to one or two weeks for international shipments, so SalesBOOST is a huge financial benefit for us and the customer because we both save time and money, further, it eliminates the daily hassle involved to produce, package or ship hard media. The technology in SalesBOOST accommodates huge files and delivers extremely fast downloads over the Internet to our consumers – this streamlines the sales process and positively impacts our profit margins.”

SalesBOOST is designed to provide easy-to-implement order fulfillment for companies who sell digital media content such as game titles, films, music videos etc. Whether using e-commerce engines or traditional sales methods, SalesBOOST streamlines the sales process, eliminating the cost of producing, packaging, shipping, and time wasted in delivering content to customers, and is up to 100X faster than FTP. Companies using SalesBOOST simply upload titles to their hosted account once where it is securely stored in the MAVRIC Media datacenter for unlimited number of single purchase downloads at accelerated transfer rates. SalesBOOST features a full tracking mechanism with download notification and return receipt so the electronic delivery can be efficiently managed. Traditional shipping methods can be eliminated altogether, saving tremendous cost for both the merchant and customer.

“MAVRIC Media has chosen to call on industry veterans like Dave Larson to help us design and implement our product strategy so we can solve real world problems for real customers,” said Donald D. Smith, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for MAVRIC Media. “SalesBOOST accommodates video files which typically range from 300MB to over 10 GB, and is an ideal solution for anyone who is selling content over the Internet, but has been inhibited by slow internet connection speeds, unreliable FTP transfer services or delays in shipping hard media.”

By René Carson

René is a designer, journalist, coder, photographer and filmmaker based outside of New York.

He is the founder of Hit Pictures and Hit Handouts.