Immersion launches new products for animation industry

Immersion, a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced four new products and services for the motion capture (mocap) and animation industries.

MicroScribe Connections for Autodesk Maya Software
“MicroScribe Connections for Autodesk Maya provides an amazingly intuitive and robust user interface,” said John Walsenko, a digital arts instructor. “The system lets you accurately digitize even very small models with fine detail. Taking points is easy, quick, and feels very natural, like tracing over an object. In addition, using the MicroScribe tip as a 3D cursor, you’re able to move points, curves, and objects in 3D space directly, immediately, and exactly. No need to fumble with awkward and time-consuming planar mouse positioning.”

Immersion’s MicroScribe digitizer and MicroScribe Connections for Autodesk Maya plug-in dramatically speed up 3D modeling and animation workflows for Maya 2008 software. Using the MicroScribe system, Maya users can quickly and accurately digitize physical objects while controlling point density so that the result is a “lightweight” polygon model optimized for Maya workflows. Using the MicroScribe stylus as a 3D cursor, users can save significant time by easily manipulating virtual objects and quickly setting camera paths and light positions.

Improvements to the CyberGlove II Wireless Data Glove
Immersion’s CyberGlove II wireless motion capture glove now allows data collection within a 49 ft (15 m) radius, a 50% improvement over the previous capability. In addition, the system has been used to simultaneously collect data from as many as six performers on a production stage. Up to 12 gloves can be supported from a single computer.

Motion Capture Synchronization Software
Immersion is now offering customized software for mocap studios to provide automatic time-stamping for efficient data synchronization of a variety of motion capture products, including optical trackers, headcams, facial markers, and wireless CyberGlove systems. Using a central computer and a standard LAN, the captured data can be calibrated and exported in BVH or other format. Synchronizing whole-body motion capture data as it is generated during real-time production can dramatically reduce post-processing time.

VirtualHand for Autodesk MotionBuilder Software Compatibility
At SIGGRAPH, Immersion is also introducing the beta version of VirtualHand for Autodesk MotionBuilder software, developed for the expected Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009 release. Customers will be able to use the new software package to test the seamless integration of real-time hand and finger motion capture using the CyberGlove II wireless glove.

“We are excited at Immersion’s support of the upcoming release of Autodesk MotionBuilder 2009. For years the VirtualHand plug-in has connected MotionBuilder with Immersion’s CyberGlove II Wireless gloves, giving animators a highly accurate and time-efficient method for capturing realistic hand and finger movement,” said Curtis Garton, MotionBuilder product manager at Autodesk.

“Immersion is excited to be supporting the 3D modeling, animation, gaming, and mocap industries with these four new products,” said Leslie Mulligan, vice president and general manager of Immersion’s Gaming and Design Technology business group. “They help creative professionals shave hours, days, or possibly even weeks off production times.”

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