How to sell 30,000 products without any inventory

I just ran across a website called, which is owned by EBay. They have a healthy-looking affiliate program, which allows webmasters to offer a co-branded aggregate shopping search store right on their website. pioneered online comparison shopping and calls itself the leading online comparison site because of its set of products from thousands of stores from across the Web.

I can’t say much about it yet, as I don’t have any personal experience, however the sample site I browsed was outfitted quite well.

This could be a good option for webmasters in a particular line of business, who want to monetize traffic without carrying massive amounts of inventory. This approach could be a great option to augment your existing product line as well.

Visit their website to find out more about the options available. It’s located at, has a similar program, called A-Stores, which I can vouch for. It’s a fantastic program, that allowswebmasters to sell any or all of Amazon’s inventory, right on their websites. Find out more about the Amazon program at