Ripley’s newest book now available: Believe It or Not! Prepare To Be Shocked

Ripley’s new Believe It or Not! book, Prepare to Be Shocked! is in nationwide release, with more than 2,500 weird, wacky, bizarre and quirky facts, feats and events from around the world.

Readers pulled in by the book’s eye-catching lenticular cover, featuring Zhang Deke, the Electric Man from China, will be treated to one of the quirkiest collections ever assembled.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Prepare to be Shocked! (256 pages), Ripley Publishing, offers a full-color, wide-ranging glimpse into the wonderful world of the weird. From Canada to China, from cats to chimpanzees, the listings cover every aspect of life and geographic region of the planet. Among the pages the reader will find a chocolate dessert served in a New York City restaurant that costs $25,000 and a hamburger dished up in Tokyo that costs $125! Turn a few pages and there’s a beautiful replica of the Last Supper tattooed on a man’s back and a few pages later, there’s a photo of an 86 pound tumor removed from a woman in Serbia.

Imagination has always driven the curious to undertake the unbelievable and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has always been the leader in chronicling those curious feats for the world’s amazement and amusement.

Since 1929, hundreds of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! books have presented the weird, the beautiful, the disgusting, the macabre and the amazing for public consumption.