Digital Life returns to New York City

I really hope this conference lives up to its name this year. It’s billed as “the ultimate consumer technology, gaming and entertainment event of the year”. However, last year, it should have been called “an ok New York gaming expo”. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I am a fairly big-time gamer. But I went expecting consumer electronics, new technology, etc. What I got was a bunch of screaming teenagers, and gaming “pavilions” battling for their attention.

That’s not to say there wasn’t anything for techies and gadget hogs. The latest disc players and ipods were certainly on display. I would just like to see more cameras, music systems, computers, peripherals and items of that nature this year.

If this event has any hopes of competing with CES, or E3 for that matter, it needs to define itself. Then cater to that market. There’s such great potential in a city that’s basically the center of the universe for film and TV on the East Coast. But I can only compare it to events like CES, E3 and San Diego Comic-Con (although Comic-Con New York is doing very well, and was great fun this year).

Well enough of that. I’m writing to tell folks about the event…oh yeah.

“The ultimate consumer technology, gaming and entertainment event of the year” takes place on September 25-28, 2008. It’s happening at Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Get more info and buy tix at

I’ll be there…pulling for it…we’ll see.