Illustration icon Gregory Manchess, along with Jon Foster and Stephan Martiniere to give painting demos at Comic-Con to help launch new sci-fi portal makes its official debut with short stories from Hugo and Nebula Award-winning British SF writer Charles Stross (Singularity Sky, The Concrete Jungle, Accelerando) and Campbell Award winner for Best New Writer John Scalzi (Old Man’s War, Agent to the Stars, The Last Colony), as well as blog posts from noted science fiction and fantasy luminaries, news, commentaries and image galleries featuring works by some of the field’s best artists. The website will assemble exclusive content not only from the rich roster of Tor Books authors, but from throughout the science fiction and fantasy publishing world. In addition to its vast original content sections, the site is designed to serve as a major social networking destination for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts, where members can create customized identification pages to track conversations and content. and Spectrum Fantastic Art will co-sponsor series of painting demos at Comic-Con, featuring:

  • Jon Foster (Thursday, 3-4:30)
  • Rick Berry (Friday, 3-4:30)
  • Stephan Martiniere (Saturday, 3-4:30)
  • Greg Manchess (Sunday, 11-12:30)