The Exiles and handpainted skateboard art

The stark vision of director Kent Mackenzie’s The Exiles film serves as the template for the often misunderstood artistic vison of Douglas Miles as he re-creates scenes from the long awaited critically acclaimed film, The Exiles.

A film ahead of its time, The Exiles (1958-61) captures in gritty film noir tradition, the story of Native Americans in Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill District as they struggle to make a life for themselves during the Bureau of Indian Affairs “relocation period”.

This was the B.I.A.’s last major attempt at forced integration of Native people into American society.

Using spraypaint, exacto knives and found objects, imagery from The EXILES comes to life via Douglas Miles’ singular vision. His guerilla art method provides the backdrop for the collision of two works of art/ artists exploring the so-called native experience. A perfect combination. The results being a one-two punch that builds interest and respect for THE EXILES film, director, music and cast.

Watch The Exiles film trailer below.

Look for this limited edition original painted series to debut at Santa Fe Indian Market in Santa Fe New Mexico, August 2008.