Tombstone Cards to offer E-commerce web-to-print solution

Tombstone Cards’ software development division, Tombstone Technologies, recently announced that OIEPrint Store, a complete e-commerce solution for print shops goes live Aug. 1, 2008 as part of its proprietary Web-to-print software suite, OIEPrint.

“The OIEPrint Suite will provide a design and ordering system that printers have been waiting for to meet their online needs,” said John Harris, Tombstone president. “Tombstone has taken another step in providing solutions for printers to take full advantage of the Internet through this new e-commerce functionality. It will give print shops, large and small, a greater ability to compete with online print shops, gain new clients and grow existing business.”

OIEPrint Suite is designed to help print shops, publishers and others meet increased demand from customers who want to design, proof, manage and order their projects online.

The e-commerce solution will provide: Web-based customer and order management; customizable job tickets; secure, real-time payment processing for U.S. and international payments; customizable user interface to match current Web designs; real-time shipping calculators (FedEx, UPS, USPS and international); and provides the ability for customers to manage their online accounts for ordering, reordering and tracking.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Tombstone Cards provides what it believes to be the easiest-to-use print and product customization software in the industry. Its Web-to-print template-driven application, OIEPrintTM, opens up new markets and service offerings for digital printing companies, giving the power of professional design to their customers. The online image editing software, which has been tried and proven in the custom playing card industry, is a leader in the emerging market for automated custom image applications. To see the software in action, visit

By René Carson

René is a designer, journalist, coder, photographer and filmmaker based outside of New York.

He is the founder of Hit Pictures and Hit Handouts.