Tips for shooting better video clips

These tips are great for beginners trying to get some good clips for a YouTube marketing video, as well as seasoned pros looking to brush up on some technical fundamentals.

Plan Ahead
Whether it’s a birthday party or a vacation, what are the essential shots you need to tell your story and in what order should you shoot them? Although, you should lookout for unexpected gems coming to your lens.

Vary Your Shots
Use long shots, middle-distance shots, close-ups and super-close-ups, to tell stories. You should also vary the length of shots. Don’t let the video camera run on forever. You should break up scenes into bits that run for seconds and not minutes.

Avoid Frequent & Rapid Zooms
Usually the best way to change shots is to stop shooting, reframe a shot and then start shooting again.

Don’t Overdo Pans
When you pan, swing your camera smoothly and slowly.

Get an Intimate Feeling
To get that more intimate feeling when shooting video or stills of kids, don’t shoot down on them but drop down to your knees and shot from their level.