Here’s an article I found on low-cost resources for business owners

I had this article in my to-do file for way too long. So I’m finally posting the link here, in the hopes that it might be useful to someone else. Back in January 2008, Karen E. Klein at BusinessWeek wrote a very informative article on how small business owners can use local resources, non-profit groups and state development offices (I say the effectiveness for them depends on the state), to find networking, mentoring, or even investment opportunities.

I won’t say this article is “just” for small businesses, and if you notice, I rarely say articles are for “small business”. Why? Well two reasons really. First, I was never particularly fond of the term “small business”. Why can’t we just be businesses. Let the state make these nomenclature determinations. Second, I am creating an online marketing repository that artists, musicians, indie filmmakers and creative industry folks in general, will find helpful, along with everyone who will listen. I feel some people get turned off (or fall asleep), when terms like “for small business owners” get thrown around. This has nothing to do with the article, I just wanted to explain that.

CLICK HERE to read. It’s a short and could give you some good tips.

By René Carson

René is a designer, journalist, coder, photographer and filmmaker based outside of New York.

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