Animation magic explored by award-winning creator Eric Goldberg in new book

Eric Goldberg, the pioneering, award-winning animator-director whose cartoon magic has graced such classics as Disney’s “Aladdin,” “Pocahontas,” “Fantasia/2000” and “Hercules,” has harnessed the essence of cinema’s most beloved form in a new book, Character Animation Crash Course! (Silman-James Press, Los Angeles; publication date September 2008).

He will hold his first book signing at Comic-Con International 2008 in San Diego on Friday, July 25 (2-4 p.m.) and Saturday, July 26 (11 a.m.-Noon), at the Stuart Ng Books exhibit, Booth #5012.

Designed to address students, professionals and animation fans, Goldberg’s book and accompanying CD are jammed packed with the insights and methods needed to bring pencil lines to extraordinary life.

Goldberg, currently supervising animator on the character “Louis” in Disney’s upcoming “The Princess and the Frog” (Holiday 2009 release), opens a treasure chest of animation secrets, illuminating in text and drawings how characters are conceived and – endowed with strong and unforgettable personalities – ultimately brought to life.

The CD of animated movie examples demonstrate in real time or frame-by-frame, Goldberg’s principles at play – the first time three dimensions have been used to illustrate the process.

The author’s witty observations combine with his wealth of knowledge gleaned from 30-plus years in the animation industry to cast the book as an immediate classic guide to character animation.

This is the book I wish I had when I was first learning my craft. The first part stresses the thought and preparation required to animate, and the second part is a no-nonsense manual describing classic animation techniques, all in the service of getting great performances from the characters.

Whatever technologies continue to develop in the medium, the investment of personal feelings and emotions will always be animation’s future,

said Goldberg.

Character Animation Crash Course is a revealing ride from a blank sheet of paper or empty computer screen to something that anyone age 6-69 can recognize as a living, breathing, emoting creature.

Character Animation Crash Course
By Eric Goldberg, with forward by Brad Bird – Writer/Director,” The Incredibles, “Ratatouille,” “The Iron Giant”
Publication Date: September 2008
$35.00; paper; 240 pages; 8” x 10”
240 color images; CD included
ISBN: 978-1-879505-97-1

Silman-James Press, Los Angeles