How to properly install computer wallpaper

Here are some tips for properly downloading and installing wallpaper onto your computer.


Click on the appropriate or closest resolution to your monitor. When the image displays‚ right click with your mouse and choose “Set as wallpaper.”


Click on the appropriate or closest resolution to your monitor. When the image displays‚ click on it while pressing the “control” key.
For OS 9: Go to Desktop Pictures and select “Desktop Image.” Navigate to the image file.
For OS X: Open your “System Prefs” and go to “Desktop & Screensavers.” Navigate to the image file‚ under the “Choose Folder” option.

Note to AOL users

If you are browsing through the AOL internal web browser‚ be aware that AOL compresses web images‚ and in doing so blurs them. In addition to compressing graphics‚ AOL shrinks each one to 640 x 480 (due‚ it says‚ to limitations in their compression software). Wallpapers are much larger than 640 x 480‚ so this resizing further degrades image quality.

The best way to view this site and download graphics is with a standard browser‚ such as Firefox‚ Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari. Each of these is freely available for downloading (check out or Apple Computer). Once you have downloaded your browser of choice and installed it‚ you can connect to AOL as usual‚ minimize AOL‚ and open your browser of choice. Only then will you be seeing the web as it was designed‚ a lot faster and much better looking.

If you use AOL’s internal browser‚ here is how you can disable AOL’s image compression and view my graphics as designed. The internet will run slower‚ but graphics won’t be compressed by default.

These instructions are for AOL 4.0 Win95:

  • Start AOL and connect as usual. Once connected‚ click on the button that says “My AOL”‚ and select “Preferences” from the list provided. You will be presented with a window containing buttons for all of your AOL settings. The one we are interested in is “WWW.”
  • Click the WWW button. This will bring up another window with little tabs across the top.
  • Select the tab marked “Web Graphics”‚ and uncheck the box which reads “Use Compressed Graphics”.
  • Click the “General” tab and delete all offline content (this clears the compressed graphics from your cache).
  • Close down AOL. When you reopen it and surf the web‚ you will see graphics normally.