Bluepulse unveils iPhone messaging application

Bluepulse today unveiled an iPhone application available now through Apple’s iTunes App Store. The application provides the iPhone’s estimated 5.4 million users with an enhanced Bluepulse experience that takes full advantage of the iPhone operating system. This first release of the Bluepulse iPhone App features seamless integration of the Bluepulse friends list with the iPhone address book and easy photo uploading. The company plans to roll out more features, including location awareness, in the upcoming weeks.

With the goal of providing the best messaging experience for its global user base, Bluepulse is also announcing a new feature which enables its users to have their Bluepulse status updates automatically appear in real time on Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service. These innovations build upon Bluepulse’s current offering, which allows users to send peer-to-peer and group messages, update their status and capture what they’re doing with photos and videos they can share with their friends immediately – wherever they are and whenever they want.

“We are excited about providing a Bluepulse application for the iPhone and giving iPhone users the experience they have come to expect. This application allows us to integrate iPhone-specific features into our mobile Web site, without compromising our current mobile browser-based application that works on any Internet-enabled handset,” said Ben Keighran, founder and CEO of Bluepulse. “Apple changed the game by making the Internet core mobile phone functionality and now 85 percent of its users access the Mobile Web. Given that Bluepulse is a browser-based app, we are incredibly excited to see iPhone users accessing the Mobile Web in such numbers and want to make sure iPhone users have the best Bluepulse experience possible.”

Bluepulse has reinvented mobile messaging by giving mobile users a way to broadcast their lives to friends with text, photos and videos. Bluepulse enables users to keep in touch with and build out their trusted network of friends from the one device they always have with them. With its new iPhone App, Bluepulse is introducing two new features, contacts integration and media upload. The contacts integration feature automatically syncs users’ iPhone address book contacts into Bluepulse and vice versa, providing a simple way to access all contacts and send a message through both the iPhone and Bluepulse. With the media upload feature, it now takes just a couple of thumb strokes for iPhone users to take a photo and upload to Bluepulse immediately or simply choose a photo from their iPhone image gallery and upload. Bluepulse is available for free in the Social Networking category of Apple’s iTunes store.

Bluepulse is now connecting its users to Twitter, allowing users to have their Bluepulse status updates automatically appear on both Twitter and Bluepulse in real time. This is a big time saver for users who maintain both Twitter and Bluepulse accounts. Users simply enter their Twitter login and password in their Bluepulse settings and then every one of their Bluepulse status updates will immediately write to their Twitter account.

Bluepulse continues to grow very quickly, with users in more than 190 countries. Bluepulse is continuing to invest in its business and enhance its technology, and remains the world’s fastest growing mobile social messenger. To get Bluepulse, type “” into the mobile browser on your iPhone or any Internet-enabled phone. New users can immediately message or invite friends to join by entering in their email addresses, phone numbers or by accessing their address books from other webmail applications, and share media with other Bluepulse users.