How to Build Referral Links

  1. How to build a link to our store home page
  2. How to build links to store sections
  3. How to build direct product links
  4. How to build links to store sections
  5. Marketing ideas to get you started
  6. Get your own FREE affiliate storefront!

Store Homepage Link

This is the most common marketing link, and it goes to the main page of the store.

Links to Store Sections

These are links to every store category, grouped by product type.

Paper Products & Home

Greeting & Note Cards
Photo Cards
Posters & Enlargements
Custom Postage

Business Accessories

Business Cards
Rack Cards

Apparel & Gift Items

T-Shirts & Hoodies
Pet Clothing

*Add ?gl=MyBindery&rf=YOUR-ID-HERE to the end of all category links.

Direct product links

Link directly to any item.


*Add ?gl=MyBindery&rf=YOUR-ID-HERE to the end of all direct product links.

Links to store sections

Use these links if you’re promoting a theme or niche market, such Valentine’s Day, Christmas, musicians, or small businesses.

The Custom Invitation Store

Corporate and Business Themes

Club and Event Marketing

All About Love Gifts and Products

The Bindery Gift Items

Christmas and Hanukkah Items

Sayings and Humor

Floral Designs


Sci-Fi, Cult Cinema and Retro Design

I Have A Film Fetish

PLEASE NOTE: Only links to will generate referrals, not to or

Marketing ideas to get you started

  • Add your referral link to your email signature, for example:
    Best Regards,
    John Smith
  • Add referral links to your Twitter account.
  • Add referral links as a website on you Facebook account.
  • Add referral links to your MySpace account.
  • Create an “I Love The Color Bindery” Fan Page on Facebook and add referral links as the website address, and create wall posts with product links.
  • You can link to the main store page, directly to any product, or to any section of the store. CLICK HERE to learn how to build links.
  • We can set up with a free private label storefront for you to sell our products. Your new storefront will automatically add our new products as we launch them. Click Here for details.

Your Own Free Storefront!

We can set you up with a complete turn-key website, showcasing every one of our product lines. The website automatically updates with our new items as we publish them as well. The Color Bindery Affiliate Website can be integrated into your existing website, or have it’s own domain name.

The Color Bindery Affiliate Website is no cost, however, we do require that you purchase and maintain the domain name from our partner site, where domain names only cost about $10 per year.

Once you purchase the domain name, we’ll provide you with free web hosting for your Affiliate Website, and set everything up at no cost.

CLICK HERE to see a sample page from a Color Bindery Affiliate Website. The background color, company name, and other aspects of the Color Bindery Affiliate Website are completely customizable.

ZAZZLE ARTISTS & DESIGNERS, we can also set you up with your own website to showcase all of your Zazzle products as well. The website will automatically add new items, as you publish to Zazzle.

The Associates Program is run by our fulfillment partner Zazzle. All referral links must direct directly to sales pages, starting with . . . .